All our activities at the Brazil Cultural Center are taught by experts on their fields as we strive to provide the best of Brazilian Culture and its related activities. Come and watch or take a class and see if for yourself.

Our Capoeira classes at the Mandinga Academy are not just a great physical workout. One will experience a true cultural experience passed on by Brazilian mestre Marcelo Pereira and a great team of instructors where the essence of the art and its tradition will walk hand and hand combining both the old styles and the most up-to-date innovations of the art. 

After being involved with capoeira for 6 months to a year, beginners will participate in a graduation celebration called a batizado (baptism), where they receive their first official capoeira belt (green cordão). Eventually capoeiristas receive a nickname by which they will be known in the capoeira community. In our school we have our students participating in a pre-batizado event in order to gain experience for the real batizado and to give experience to the instructors that are getting ready to officially baptize students.


The full progression of cords used in Capoeira Mandinga is displayed on our academy wall.

Our method encourages people to realize that “limitation” is just a given concept based on unrealistic un-truthful comparisons of what is right or wrong. Instead we would rather present a concept where students experience different ways in which they can learn and perform a move according to their body type and physical capacity. We encourage students to challenge themselves to the maximum of their potential, respecting each individual’s pace with the awareness of any possible “limitations”. In capoeira, all training and movements can be modified to adjust
to your skill level. More importantly, we want to remind all students that you know your body better than anybody else. If there are any concerns you have about a movement that you think you cannot do due to physical limitations, fear of getting hurt, or anything related, please do not hesitate to inform your instructor. You will not be forced to do any movements that compromise your safety. Yet we will attempt to challenge you to the maximum of your potential in order to drive you to a discovery place that you could not find unless if put on that edge. It will be up to you to accept this challenge or not. We believe that when the time is right you will know.

To preserve the tradition of capoeira, we maintain the terms and names of the capoeira moves in Brazilian Portuguese and one will often hear us speaking to each other and addressing to the students in Portuguese in order to facilitate the learning of the language to everyone. We also help in interpreting the songs to the capoeiristas
as well as making corrections on the pronunciation. It is our belief that the closer one remains to the roots the better he/she will understand and assimilate this art into their lives.

Additionally, we teach students different activities related to capoeira such as Maculelê (warrior stick fight dance), Samba de Roda (traditional folkloric samba style), Puxada de Rede (fisherman’s dance), and many other activities related to the life of capoeiristas in Brazil. In our classes we all help to teach and we know that we learn from everybody even from the newest beginner.

Our group has become an extended family to many of us. We strive to understand that our similarities are greater than our differences. We teach students to respect the traditions of capoeira and to understand the hierarchy of the art. In our academy, STUDENTS ARE ALLOWED TO MAKE MISTAKES but they are also taught not to lose the laughter for the Brazilian way of doing capoeira involves lots of sense of humor including being playful and comical. Mocking and making a fool of ourselves are always done in a healthy atmosphere of support.

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