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The Capoeira we Play at Mandinga

Our capoeira lineage comes from a spontaneous fusion created in the earlier 70s by Mestre Suassuna and Mestre Brasilia where perhaps for the first time in history an Angola and a Regional mestre had an academy together and started fusing the two styles intuitively. Besides that the capoeira we train involves being spontaneous and not wanting to make everyone the same where the games of all students would look like a pattern or a copy of one to the other. We allow our students to follow their preference without loosing the essence of capoeira. If they like or lean more towards angola we encourage them to practice that way. If they like or lean more towards regional or contemportanea we also support that path. In any case we will expose the students constantly to all systems that we know and encourage them to practice a little of each and we alert them constantly to avoid mixing them up if they are taking part or visiting some schools of that particularly lineage.

In our school we do allow students to take the best they like from each style and create their on capoeira personality. However, it is important to know how to diferentiate things and to apply each thing at its own time. For example: you will not go to an Angola school and start doing back flips in the middle of a game and by the same token you would not go to a Regional school and do a chamada in the middle of a Regional roda. These are only a few notes about the capoeira we train, there are many more details that makes our style very unique, complex, complete, intriguing and versatile.

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